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Event Management

Regardless of event size, we will work with you to provide an elegant display of food. To do that, we need the following information from you...
  • What type of event are you hosting? (Wedding, Barbeque, Professional Reception, Corporate Lunch, Holiday Party, Golf Outing, Baby Shower, Graduation, etc.)
  • What day/date is your event?
  • What time does your event begin and end?
  • Where will the event be held?
  • How many guests?
  • What is the minimum guest count you are comfortable guaranteeing?
  • Who are your guests? (professionals, relatives, colleagues, children, adults)?
  • Will everyone arrive at once and stay or will guests come and go?
  • Do you have a theme/ color scheme?
  • Do you want Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Buffet/Station, Family-Style, Plated dinner service, or Walking Servers with Trays?
  • Walking Servers With Trays- Servers move through space with appetizers, tapas, and finger foods on refilling trays while guests mingle, empty plates are whisked away. Usually accompanied with bar and champagne or wine tray. $$$$
  • Plated- served to each guest while seated. $$$
  • Family-Style- Guests pass around large platters of menu items delivered to       each table by servers. There may not be room for centerpieces and favors. $$
  • Buffet/Stations- Guests go through lines. Servers put food on their plates. $$
  • Pick-Up/Drop-off- You pick up your prepared food in Tallmadge or we drop-off and set up your food in disposable containers them leave it for you to serve. $



Your Custom Menu

With over 25 years of restaurant and catering experience, we can finalize the perfect menu with information from you...
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Have you looked at our menu and/or do have your custom menu in mind?
  • Do you want to serve a meal or hors d’oeuvres? (If the event is during a meal period, consider serving enough food for a meal.)
  • Is there food you must have?
  • Is there food you must NOT have? (Be mindful of culture and food allergies.)
  • Will you be serving alcohol?
  • Will you be serving hot beverages?
  • Can we contact your venue directly?
    • If NOT, we need this information from you about your venue:
      • If it's Buffet/Stations style, How much serving space is there (Legnth of tables)?
      • Is there a Fridge- How much space will the caterer have? 
      • Is there a Stove- How many burners?
      • Is there an Oven- How many, what type (convection, countertop, baking), are there racks?
        • If NOT, Is there an Electrical Outlet available for 48 hours prior to your event (CAC can bring its own equipment)?
      • Is there Prep space- How much?
      • Are there sinks; a dishwasher?
      • Does the venue have dishes/flatware/glassware available to use?

Your Additional Options

We offer options that may or may not be available through your venue or a third party. Let us know if you need us to include these...
  • Do you need our optional wait staff?
  • Do you need our optional bartender?
  • Do you need optional flatware wrapped in napkins?
  • Do you need optional tablecloths?
  • Who will be setting tables and breaking them down after the event?
  • If  you or your guests be taking leftover food after event, please bring your own storage containers to take food home.
    • (If NOT, CAC will donate all leftovers to local homeless and veteran shelters. Nothing is thrown out or repackaged)
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